Globally 2.9 billion people do not have access to a reliable supply of modern energy for cooking.
— World Bank, 2015
Due to unreliable incomes and precarious occupations, households living on less than $4/day are prevented from transitioning to modern energy appliances and fuel sources.
— Collins et al. 2009

     Clean Energy for the Next Billion

Low income urban households regularly pay a large proportion of their household income (~$0.50/day) to purchase small quantities of fuel that can be safely stored and used for cooking, heating, and lighting - World Bank, 2014. However, the only cooking fuels available within this micro-payment structure are charcoal and kerosene. The major barriers preventing low income households from adopting clean gas as their primary source of cooking fuel are the high up-front cost of the stove, the gas cylinder deposit, and the large amount of money required to refill an empty gas cylinder.

     PayGo Energy believes in equal opportunities and seeks to democratize LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Propane) for the 2.9 billion people worldwide who lack access to clean cooking fuel. PayGo Energy allows families to purchase gas in small amounts, making LPG more affordable than ever.

     PayGo runs on LPG, the world’s modern fuel of choice. When households adopt LPG as their main fuel source, they choose for health and help reduce harmful emissions that can lead to respiratory illness and environmental degradation.

We all benefit from accessing clean cooking fuel in our homes.