PayGo Energy connects your cylinder fleet to a single platform, accelerating LPG adoption and revolutionizing distribution

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PayGo energy revolution

By using PayGo Energy’s service and smart meter technology you can remove cost barriers to clean cooking fuel, allowing your customers to purchase gas on a pay-as-you-go basis

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PayGo smart meter installed on an LPG dylinder

Revolutionize distribution

PayGo connects your cylinder fleet to a single platform that tracks and monitors usage, giving you complete control of your supply chain

Grow your customer base

PayGo’s platform helps you access a new market that currently doesn’t cook on gas, by enabling pay-per-use

Close the Loop

Utilizing real-time data, PayGo allows you to match supply and demand so you never lose a customer

Using a PayGo system

By using PayGo’s platform, you can bring the luxury of fast, clean, and affordable cooking all the way to your customer’s door

A PayGo system is installed in a household, including a two-burner stove, cylinder and a smart meter that measures the amount of gas used.

Customers access pay-per-use gas by mobile money - in amounts that make sense to them. The valve on the smart meter shuts down when credit runs out and instantly reopens with a new top up.

With smart usage and location monitoring, the platform allows cylinders to be replaced before customers ever run out of gas.

By removing barriers to adoption, PayGo Energy’s technology and service has shown to hasten the speed of which customers transition away from solid fuels and start, and keep on using clean cooking fuel.

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