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Cylinder Smart Meter

PayGo’s Cylinder Smart Meter (CSM),  tracks consumption at the household level, notifying you before the customer runs out.



Ensure your customers never run out of gas

The CSM is an IoT device that attaches to most LPG cylinders, and provides safe, high-precision metering of customer consumption. Customers purchase gas in small amount using mobile money. The CSM communicates wirelessly with the PayGo cloud, enabling distributors to monitor the cylinder level, and deliver a new cylinder before the customer runs out of gas. PayGo analytics provides custom reporting, dashboards and other data visualizations.

Customers invariably run out of gas at the most inconvenient time… while cooking. Dinner ruined. Ensure your customers
never run out of gas (again).
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Unlock New markets for LPG

Grow Your
Reach new LPG users by packaging your product to match spending behaviors.
your service
Transform the customer experience by providing gas that never runs out.
Increase Revenue
Increase revenue per customer and lower customer acquisition by providing a stickier service.
Know Your Customer
Collect real-time consumption and payments data, and turn it into actionable insights.
Optimise your
supply chain
Reduce stock losses, improve cylinder utilisation and optimise delivery routes.

The PayGo CSM is the world’s safest, most intuitive LPG smart meter. Here's how it works.

The CSM attaches to a standard LPG cylinder

The CSM measures fuel consumption by the gram

Customers purchase credit using mobile money

When the customer runs out of credit, the CSM shuts off flow until they top up again

Distributors monitor household consumption in real-time

Distributors monitor household consumption in real-time

Replace the Customer's cylinder before they ever run out

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We customize the Tag & Trace platform to meet the needs of each of our partners. This ensures that our web and mobile applications are fully integrated with partner operations, and aligned to how the local market functions.
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